How Does The Legend of Zelda’s Master Sword Rank Alongside Gaming’s Other Legendary Weapons?

By David Ruiz
February 1, 2019

Perhaps equally iconic as one of Nintendo’s flagship characters in Link from The Legend of Zelda is his Master Sword.

In all of gaming, Master Sword is instantly recognizable amongst Nintendo and non-Nintendo gamers across the globe. It’s the sole weapon that furthers Link’s story to completion — and I’d wager many fans young and old wanted a replica Master Sword in their possession.

The design from tip to the hilt is one of genius design. The blade sports an engraved Triforce and is thick and powerful enough to feel the weight of every slash and swing while wielding it in any Zelda game up to now.

The quest itself is usually a grand one just to unlock the sacred blade. Not to mention, it’s imbued with powers from gods and is the only weapon capable of defeating Ganon in the end. The Master Sword is a weapon of many memories created by gamers during their time with the series. However, many games have gone to many worlds, so this isn’t the only fictional sword we’ve met before.

Which then begs the question: Where would you rank the Master Sword in the grand scheme of fictional weapons in video games?

The question should be simplified to personal reasoning based on your time with the sword. Because not all weapons are created equal, it’s not unreasonable to think of X weapon that could easily overpower the Master Sword. But where’s the fun in that?

For me, as I begin to think more and more about this question, I have to wonder if it makes my Top 5 list of fictional weapons? For me, No. 1 will always be the Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts. I’m a huge KH fan, and I’ve probably wanted a Keyblade more than I wanted a Master Sword. But, jokes on me as I actually own the Master Sword, but not a Keyblade.

Secondly, I’m also a huge fan of Cloud’s Buster Sword. I think, for me, it was the first huge sword I fell in love with. I couldn’t tell you how many times I tried to swing a broom like Cloud does and rotate it above my head. Spoiler alert: a lot, while hitting my face in the process.

A new favorite of mine has become Kratos’ Leviathan Axe from his latest God of War adventure. The axe lets you become Thor, essentially, while brutally hacking down enemies — and no body part is safe from Kratos. The way the Axe glows and returns on command is a small sample of how awesome his new weapon is after wielding the Blades of Chaos — which if this axe didn’t exist, this is where I’d put the Blades of Chaos.

Lastly, Mega Man’s Mega Buster. Growing up, I was a huge Mega Man fan — still am — and I was very fond of his arm cannon. The pellet shots, which eventually became charged shots, to be capable of using his opponent’s stolen powers, the Buster was an awesome weapon to use in a video game. And it remains one of gaming’s most historic weapons.

So, where would I put the Master Sword amongst those weapons, personally?

1. Keyblade

2. Buster Sword

3. Leviathan Axe

4. Master Sword

5. Mega Buster

I regard the Master Sword in high marks within the gaming universe. Is it my all-time favorite weapon? Nope. Is it amazing? Absolutely. The Master Sword — along with all these weapons and more — will hold a place in my heart until the end of time. But it’s fun to think about where you would rank it if you had to.

There are a ton of weapons I didn’t get to or could even think of on the spot while writing this. So, it’s your turn. Where do you put the Master Sword on your list of fictional weapons in gaming? Let us know by tweeting me at @WritingDavid and @2GuysPlayZelda with your selections!

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