By Red
May 17, 2017

Any piece of pop culture with a dedicated following is going to have a segment of fans who get upset or offended over certain topics. The Zelda series is no different, and in a hilarious video, Youtuber ABrandonToThePast has come up with 50 hot button items sure to offend die hard Zelda fans. A few of my favorites include calling Link “Zelda”, suggesting various love interests for Link (ranking from Zelda to Ruto to Ghirahim!), claiming that people who think the Water Temple is hard are just bad at Zelda, mispronouncing any Zelda race (Hick and I are guilty of mispronouncing pretty much everything related to Zelda, so we can relate to this one), claiming the Zelda timeline is a lie that was made up to sell Hyrule Historia, and criticizing any Zelda soundtrack.

The video is made entirely tongue-in-cheek, and is an attempt to get people to quit taking everything so seriously. By pointing out all these argument-inducing Zelda topics, ABrandonToThePast has created a funny take on how seriously fans can treat the Zelda series. What are some of your favorites from the list? Have you ever gotten offended by someone’s comments about the Zelda series?

Check out the video below or click here to view it on Youtube. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.