Hero’s Path Turned into Wall Art by Zelda Player

By Hick
February 6, 2018

With the introduction of The Master Trials DLC pack for Breath of the Wild came a great new feature called “Hero’s Path Mode”. This feature allowed players to track every step Link has taken in the previous 200 hours. The path appears as a green line on the map. It’s a really cool feature that I have used many times to see what places I haven’t visited yet. It also helps with finding Korok Seeds.

Imgur user kazoodac decided to take this Hero’s Path feature and turn it into beautiful wall art. Luckily for us, they decided to post it here. They used Switch’s screenshot feature and Photoshop’s photomerge tool to recreate the entire map with their playthrough trail overlayed on top of it. It involved capturing over 200 screenshots. This is an amazing piece of artwork and a truly unique idea. If you want more details on the process taken to create this, be sure to check out their Imgur post.

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