Hand-Drawn Legend of Zelda Map by Gaming Grandma Unearthed!

By Red
January 29, 2018

Grandmas and gaming are two things you don’t often see associated with one another. Every now and then, however, an awesome grandma breaks the stereotype and shows off some true gamer cred. That’s the case for the grandmother of Reddit user Plausible__Bullshit. Plausible__Bullshit posted a map of Ganon’s Castle from the original Legend of Zelda that was hand-drawn by his grandmother! The map includes a list of enemies that appear in each room, as well as notes for defeating Ganon and other enemies in the dungeon. I don’t know about anyone else, but I definitely wish my grandparents would have appreciated video games the way this grandmother clearly did!

You can check out the Reddit post below.

My grandma was a hardcore gamer well into her late 80’s, until her arthritis made it impossible to hold a controller. She drew this map and took notes before strategy guides existed. This is Ganons castle. Miss you Grandma. from r/gaming


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