Get to Cooking Zelda Recipes with This Fan Made Cookbook

By Hick
June 5, 2018

One of the many mechanics that Breath of the Wild introduced into the Zelda franchise was cooking. You could combine all different kinds of ingredients to create elixirs that boosted your health, stamina, attack, and defense. There have been many YouTube videos showing these recipes being cooked in real life, but now we have our first cookbook! HYRULE Taste of the Wild is a fan made unofficial art book featuring over 12 working real life recipes written by real chefs and illustrated by a group of talented artists. There are 32 pages of delicious recipes. It will be shipping July 16 or sooner from the US and will currently run you $20. This would be a great gift for any Zelda fan and could also deliver some good eats in the process. Be sure to pre-order yours today at Etsy.

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