Ganondorf Versus Urbosa – Showdown for the Gerudo Crown!

By Usmania
June 3, 2019

“Curse… curse you, all of you. May your pathetic kingdom meet a miserable demise.” The stage was set. After his exposure as a malevolent traitor, defeat following a long, bloody war and resulting time as a prisoner, finally the moment of his execution had arrived. “In the name of the Royal Family of Hyrule, we, the Sages of the land sentence you, Ganondorf Dragmire to instant death.” Ganondorf, with his hands shackled to a platform, looked up and gritted his teeth in complete disgust. One of the Sages raised a glowing white sword through mind control and sent it straight through Ganondorf’s abdomen, impaling him. The Fire Sage exclaimed: “That takes care of this undesirable scourge for good, Hyrule is now saf…” Suddenly, they heard an eerily familiar laugh. They looked ahead in complete disbelief. Not only was Ganondorf looking up at them, he had a horrifying grin on his face. His hand displayed three golden triangles shining bright. “No! It… it can’t be…”, despaired one of the Sages. Ganondorf then broke free of both shackles. He displaced the sword from his abdomen and suddenly charged at the Sages. He was heading straight for the Water Sage, when suddenly, he stumbled slightly. Despite this stumble, he carried on with his charge. However, the moment allowed the Shadow Sage to push the Water Sage aside. Ganondorf grabbed the Shadow Sage, disintegrating him instantly. The Forest Sage wailed: “There’s only one thing that can stop him.” He then pointed at the Mirror of Twilight. All the other sages nodded, except the Water Sage, who exclaimed: “No, the Mirror of Twilight could still allow him a way back to this land! There’s no other option but to use IT!”. Ganondorf was on the verge of letting loose on his next victim when the Water Sage raised his hand. Suddenly, a blue portal appeared above them. Ganondorf was sucked into the portal and he, along with the portal, disappeared. “Why! Why did you open the Portal of Reality and Time!” enquired a panicked Spirit Sage. The Water Sage responded, “I understand that we took a solemn oath never to use this portal, but Ganondorf would have obliterated us all, and subsequently, Hyrule itself. The Twilight Realm is still connected to Hyrule, and eventually, Ganondorf would have made his way back, so it would have been foolish for us to use the Mirror of Twilight. Therefore, I had no alternative.” The Fire Sage asked: “Where will Ganondorf be taken?”. The Water Sage replied: “For certain, Ganondorf will be sent to a very distant future from now. However, whether it will be the distant future of our reality or that of an alternate reality, we cannot be sure. That’s why it’s called the Portal of Reality and Time”.

After being sucked into this blue portal, Ganondorf felt himself falling down a bottomless void. All he could see around him were strange colors zooming past. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the strange colors gave way to a blue sky. Ganondorf felt himself land onto a firm but soft ground. Feeling weakened from the wound inflicted upon him by the sages, Ganondorf slowly picked himself up from the ground. He stood up and looked down to see that he had landed on sand. Looking around the area, he could see small ruins. The ruins indicated to him that whatever stood on this spot had long disintegrated. But before he had time to ponder any further, he heard a strange laughter. This was followed by black smoke and the appearance of a masked, muscular figure dressed in red and black. “Ha ha ha. Well this is a rarity. A male Gerudo loitering all alone! Wonder what reward Master Kohga will give me for killing you.” The figure then pulled out a long sword and charged at Ganondorf. It then aimed a large vertical slash at its intended victim. However, with complete nonchalance, Ganondorf grabbed the sword with one hand and gave a sinister grin at this clearly horrified warrior. “Was I supposed to be frightened of you, especially in that embarrassing attire? Ha ha ha, fool! You clearly have no idea who I am, do you?” Ganondorf then twisted his wrist, snapping the sword in half. He then mercilessly punched a hole through the unfortunate red and black figure, killing him instantly. Suddenly, he felt an arrow coming towards him from behind. He stopped it with one hand. “I have no idea who you wastes of air even are, but you have some nerve vexing the Great Gano…” His words were cut short when the arrow emitted a strange smoke. This smoke numbed Ganondorf’s senses. He felt himself fall out of consciousness, until his eyes closed and he fell to the ground.

Ganondorf opened his eyes. He found himself chained to a wall in a dark room behind bars. Suddenly, a skinny red and black figure, undoubtedly a guard, spoke: “Looks like your awake, foolish Gerudo. You will now be put to death like the vermin you are.” Ganondorf just laughed. “You and your ridiculous comrades think such a laughable prison can subdue me?” He then snapped out of both chains, held his hand forward and disassembled the bars behind which he was being held. Despairing for his life, the red and black-clad figured planned to make a run for it until Ganondorf rushed up to him, grabbed his neck and held him up into the air. At that moment, both were surrounded by black smoke, and numerous red and black figures circled them. Some had bows and arrows, other held swords. “Ha, no matter how many weaklings you gather, you will never stand up against true power,” snarled Ganondorf. The ground began to shake and the red and black warriors were violently pushed back by a strong force emanating from the Evil King. “STOP.” Suddenly, a rotund red and black figure appeared before Ganondorf. “Another weakling appears before me, what a waste of my time,” scorned a clearly irritated Ganondorf. The rotund figure replied: “Don’t be so disrespectful. I am the great, the burly, the strong, Master Kohga! And I am the supreme, powerful leader of my people, the Yiga Clan! You clearly are a force to be reckoned with. What might be your name?” Clearly looking baffled, Ganondorf replied: “I’m not sure what kind of low intelligence, neanderthal people you rule over, but if you don’t even know who I am, then you don’t deserve to live.” He then held his hand up, charged up what looked like an electric ball, and proudly declared: “I am the rightful ruler of this distorted land, Ganondorf!” Upon hearing this, the Yiga members let out a collective gasp. Master Kohga exclaimed: “WAIT! Are you THE Ganondorf?” They all stood before Ganondorf and knelt to the ground and exclaimed: “Master! You have returned!” Flabbergasted, Ganondorf stopped charging his electric ball, brought his hand down and looked at the Yiga members in complete amazement.

“I’ve never even heard of your jester-like clan, and now you suddenly pledge allegiance to me?” enquired a clearly baffled Ganondorf. “Come with me, I will explain everything,” replied a clearly starstruck Kohga. Kohga escorted Ganondorf to the main Yiga Hideout
room. “We are the Yiga Clan, descendants of a band of Sheikah whose eyes opened to the treachery of the Hyrulean Royal Family, and we realised the greatness of your being. Since that day, we dedicated our lives to witnessing the day that Your Excellency would return to this wretched land and lead us to conquest. But now you’ve returned, as if sent to us from the sky.” Dismissive, Ganondorf stated, “Nonsense! Before your group of jesters attacked me, I was facing execution at the gargantuan Arbiter’s Grounds coliseum.” “THAT Arbiter’s Grounds?” responded a baffled Kohga. “Master, you must be confused. That place is a relic. Nothing has happened at that spot since time immemorial” Ganondorf was starting to piece the puzzle in his mind. He now needed confirmation. “Tell me, Kohga, or whatever your name is. What exactly DO you know about me? Why is it that you and your useless lackeys bow before me?” Flattered, Kohga replied: “Given that you have appeared in your physical, mortal form, it’s reasonable that you may not remember. There were always fables and folklores about how you appeared throughout the ages, the period of the Sky City, the Era of Time, the Imprisoning War, the Twilight Invasion and the Great Flood. But 10,000 years back is when an official attack by you upon Hyrule was documented. However…” Kohga could barely finish talking when Ganondorf’s eyes turned red and the room began shaking. “So… that’s… that’s what it is. Those wretched Sages banished me to a different time, maybe even a different reality. AAAAHHHHHHH!!! CURSE THEMMMMMMMM!!!!!” Yiga Clan members ran into the main room in angst. They were convinced Ganondorf would lay waste to them all, until suddenly, Ganondorf began clutching his abdomen. The wound inflicted by the Sages was still tender. In agonizing pain, Ganondorf fell unconscious.

Ganondorf opened his eyes. He realized that he was laying on a table. He was surrounded by three Yiga members. He looked at his abdomen to see it was sheathed in a device he had never seen before. One of the Yiga members removed the sheath. Ganondorf’s wound had completely disappeared. Kohga then entered the room. “Your Excellency, it seems that you had been inflicted with some sort of divine wound. Fortunately, our ancestors invented technology to heal a wide range of injuries, and thankfully, it has worked here.” Ganondorf got off the table and stood up. “Spare me your self-righteousness. What makes me curious is that if you jesters have access to such technology, then why are you reduced to hiding like cowards in a corner of the desert?” Kohga then looked down, sighed and explained: “You’re right. With our awesome skills and technology, we should be ruling the whole of Hyrule. But we can’t even live in peace in the desert. And it’s all because of them! Those no good, darn Ger… sorry, I mean your people, the Gerudo. A powerful and fierce female warrior race.” This peaked Ganondorf’s interest hugely. Kohga continued: “We’ve tried to stage numerous conquests against them, but to no avail. Every time, they have utterly brutalized us. They are so powerful, if they wanted to, they could wipe us all out in the blink of an eye.” This was music to Ganondorf’s ears. A huge grin came on his face. “Ha ha ha, so, not only did my people endure the treachery of Hyrule’s monarchy, they came back and went from strength to strength. Tell me, with the details you have described to me, surely my people, the Gerudo eventually overthrew that wretched Royal Family and took rule over all of Hyrule?” One by one, the Yiga members looked at one another, some were shuddering. Even Kohga’s tension was palpable. “I’m sorry to have to tell you this, Master, but…” Kohga’s voice was breaking out of fear. Ganondorf then urged: “Go on then, tell me!” Kogha continued: “It’s… it’s not what you think. The Hyrulean Royal Family is still there, and as strong as ever. But not only that, the Gerudo are their sworn allies.” Ganondorf’s smirk had vanished completely. Rage was starting to overtake him: “No, you despicable bunch of fools, YOU LIE!!! Your intelligence is as low level as I thought. They are just carrying on my strategy from before that cursed green snitch exposed it in front of the coward king all those years back. They are gaining the trust of the kingdom, only to strike at the right time!” Kohga replied: “I’m sorry to defy your words, Master, but you are mistaken. The Gerudo have allied with the Royal Family for countless centuries now. And it’s with a heavy heart that we say this, but they even contributed towards repelling your last attack on Hyrule 10,000 years back. And now, they have a complete embargo upon men entering their abode, stating that it’s a penance for being the race who gave birth to you.” Eyes burning with rage, Ganondorf let out a huge roar, his teeth were beginning to take another form. The Yiga members were terrified. But suddenly, Ganondorf seemed to compose himself. He was visibly in mental anguish, but it looked as if something had come to his mind. “Now I know my purpose of being here. It is my duty and destiny to save my race from the outrageous low they have reached. I will take back what’s rightfully mine, the Gerudo leadership.” Kohga spoke: “Master, a word of caution. The Gerudo are led by a formidable lady at the helm. If only I didn’t hate her so much, I would be filled with admiration. She has taken the Gerudo to another level of power. She has the blood of many of our brethren on her hands. And she enjoys the closest ties of any Gerudo leader in history with the Hyrulean Royal Family.” A determined Ganondorf declared: “That stain on my people will beg for mercy before my sword, and after I overwhelm her with absolute strength, I shall dispatch her and take back control of the Gerudo and bring them back to our rightful place, as conquerors of Hyrule!”

Ganondorf picked up his sword, which had been respectfully put next to the table he was just lying on and proceeded to leaving the Yiga Hideout. Agitated, Kohga blurted: “Master, wait! With you at the helm, we can stage another conquest against the Gerudo. Give us time to mobilize our forces.” To this, Ganondorf scorned: “My aim is not for conquest. It is to take back what’s rightfully mine. Besides, I have no need of a clan of useless failures like yourselves by my side.” With this, Ganondorf stormed out.

It was another dry, scorching day at Gerudo Town. “Aah, can’t wait till my shift is over and can get a bite to eat,” uttered Shira, one of the two guards standing at the town’s entrance. The other guard, Alara responded: “Well we don’t have long to wait now. It can get kinda boring doing thi…” Her words were cut off when suddenly, a red energy ball materialized in front of them. Both guards held their spears up in anticipation of this unknown development. The red ball turned into a strong, imposing figure. Both guards looked at one another in complete shock. “That can’t be. A voe?” Shira held her spear at this mysterious figure. “Who are you? Do you not know that voes are not allowed into our town?” Ganondorf gave a look of complete disdain. “How pathetic!” He held out his hand, and this sent both guards flying back. Ganondorf then walked right into Gerudo Town. All those in the town immediately turned around, gathered any weapon handy to them and surrounded the King of Evil. “BREACHER! Apprehend the voe immediately!” All the Gerudo in the town prepared to attack the invader, until a voice came from the main throne room: “HALT!” At this command, the attack ceased. A figure could be seen calmly emerging from the throne room. Like the others, this figure had long red hair, however, was wearing a distinctive crown on the head. All the Gerudo dropped their weapons and knelt down. This was her, Ganondorf thought to himself, Urbosa, the imposter ruler of his people in his eyes. “The Gerudo have not given birth to a voe for countless decades, so it’s clear to me something else is at play here. Identify yourself!” declared Urbosa. Ganondorf, with a smirk, stated: “What’s at play here? Destiny is at play here. Destiny also frowns upon the despicable state you and your predecessors have brought this race to. And it is why destiny has brought me to this era. To right the wrongs and lead the Gerudo to the future they should have.” Many Gerudo’s eyes were opening wide as they began to realize who they were dealing with. “I am the rightful ruler of the Gerudo, the Great Ganondorf!” There were gasps all over the place, except from the one person who mattered. Lady Urbosa remained as composed as ever. “I see now. I always knew that band of traitors was planning on resurrecting Calamity Ganon. But it seems they brought you back in the flesh. I’m not surprised that they probably have access to a time travel device. But know this! You have some nerve invading our town and chastising our adopted ways. My predecessors and I have left no stone unturned to rekindle our people’s pride and dignity. Dignity that YOU rubbed into the dust. After centuries upon centuries of reviving ties with the Royal Family, remaking a name for ourselves, how dare you show yourself here and try to undo that! Now leave before we put you down like the repugnant dog you truly are!” Smiling, Ganondorf posed his challenge. “If you want me to leave, that is exactly what I will do. But before that, you must face me in single combat. If you win, I will leave you to further these disgraceful ways. However, should I emerge victorious, I shall take the leadership from you and bring the Gerudo back to their former glory, as the biggest misery to the Hyrulean Royal Family!” One of the generals was approaching Urbosa, but she put her hand forward, signalling her to stop. “Ganondorf, I accept your challenge without hesitation.” Spooked, the general stated: “Lady Urbosa, you can’t go through with this. The scriptures speak of how terrifyingly powerful Calamity Ganon was in his mortal form. If he wins, we all lose and everything our ancestors did for us will be in vain.” To this, Urbosa smiled and replied: “General, no matter what our people have done to redeem ourselves, the actions of this wicked man have always remained as a shadow upon us. This is a perfect opportunity for me to fight him and should I prevail, I will consider this a full redemption for the Gerudo. I must do this, for the dignity of the Gerudo race.” Thus, the stage was set.

Deep in the heart of the desert, all the Gerudo were stood together as their leader and challenger to the throne faced each other down. “There is still time for you. Fulfill the destiny of yourself and our people, and join me in bringing back the greatness of our people,” urged Ganondorf. Urbosa sniggered: “Ha, great destiny? If you call being a failed warlord over millenias a great destiny, then I say my people and I have a very different understanding of great destiny.” Clearly annoyed, Ganondorf bellowed: “Very well. A miserable death is the destiny you have chosen for yourself!” With that, Ganondorf rose from the ground. Hovering in the air, he charged up a ball of energy and hurled it straight at the Gerudo Chief. Caught in two minds, Urbosa jumped out of the way. “Dark magic? I shouldn’t be surprised. Ganondorf will fight dirty,” said Urbosa to herself. Still hovering in the sky, Ganondorf again charged and threw an energy ball. This time, Urbosa brought out her trademark Scimitar of the Seven and batted the energy ball back. Ganondorf sent the energy ball back and Urbosa again batted it back at the Evil King. After several back and forths, Urbosa thought of a strategy. After batting it back once again, she jumped closer to Ganondorf, significantly closing the distance between the two warriors. This time, when the energy ball came back at her, Urbosa batted it back with severe force. It travelled back at Ganondorf with thrice the velocity as before, taking him completely by surprise and hitting him straight in the chest. This brought Ganondorf hurtling back to the ground, right in front of Urbosa. “You talk about destiny? Take a look at yourself, helpless on the ground, and tell me again about destiny!” mocked Urbosa. However, Ganondorf quickly stood up and landed a right hook straight at the Gerudo Chief, knocking her to the ground. “Ha, if you thought such a small attack would strike me down, then your leadership is more pathetic than I first thought.” With that, Ganondorf again rose into the air. Slightly dazed, Urbosa also stood up to brace herself for Ganondorf’s next attack. “Now, let me show you even greater power”. Ganondorf raised his hand and this time, he charged a bigger, darker ball of light. When he threw it, the ball separated into five smaller balls. Urbosa managed to hit back two of them, but the other three struck her directly. There were gasps from the Gerudo crowd, as Urbosa was on the ground motionless for a few seconds. But they were soon relieved when she stood up. “That strategy won’t work again. Looks like I’m going to need my Daybreaker this time.” Once again, Ganondorf charged the same energy ball and threw it at Urbosa. This time, Urbosa took out her Daybreaker shield. She used it to protect herself from the five energy balls. However, she noticed something. “A ha. This proves my theory correct.” The shield was evidently radiating powerful electric energy. “Now for the execution.” Urbosa took off the shield from her arm, held the edges carefully with both hands and threw it straight at Ganondorf. He was completely startled. The energy emanating from the shield was almost blinding him. The shield hit Ganondorf flush in the face. He then fell to the ground with even more force than before. The Gerudo crowd gave out a loud cheer. This time, Urbosa was going to make no mistake, she charged at the ‘voe’ and was about to land a fatal blow with her scimitar. However, Ganondorf quickly got up, brought out his Giant Blade and blocked her attack. “Impressive. What I would expect from a Gerudo leader. But enough of these games! You have forced me to bring out my esteemed blade. Now, it will bathe in your blood!”

With a bit of force, Ganondorf pushed Urbosa back. He had two hands on his Giant Blade, which was wider and squarer in appearance. Urbosa still had her trademark Scimitar of the Seven in her grasp. “Fine, you wish for a sword fight ,Ganondorf, you will get your sword fight.” Both warriors began hitting their respective blades against the other’s. However, it was clear that the Evil King had the upper hand. Every hit Ganondorf was inflicting upon her sword, Urbosa was being pushed back by sheer force. Then, both of them landed another blow on each’s sword. It quickly became a sword struggle, where both were trying to push on the other. However, Ganondorf’s brute strength was proving too much for the Gerudo Chief. He managed to knock her backwards, knock the sword out of her hands and inflict a mighty vertical hit. This sent Urbosa hurtling sideways. She landed and violently rolled on the ground for a few seconds. Gasps could be heard from the watching Gerudo. “He he he. You thought that worthless blade was going to bring me down? Foolish traitor! Now I shall put an end to your pitiful life and take that crown from your corpse!” Slowly, Urbosa pulled herself together from that hefty blow. She could see some of her blood splattered on the desert sand. “Aah. I can’t possibly take many more blows like that. It’s clear that if I take him on sword to sword, there’s no match. I must think out of the box.” She picked up her scimitar and faced up to the time breacher. “So, you don’t give up eh? As a Gerudo, I commend you, but it’s time to end this little game,” mocked Ganondorf. He swung his Giant Blade once again, but this time, Urbosa brought out her Daybraker shield to block the attack. Once again, Ganondorf went for a slash, but again Urbosa blocked it. “You are prolonging the inevitable, foolish woman!” bellowed Ganondorf. He went in for his third consecutive attack, but this time, Urbosa let the blade once again hit the sword, but at the right time, she strongly flicked her shield-bearing arm. This emitted an undeniable shock-wave which completely caught Ganondorf off-guard and sent him falling backwards. Urbosa quickly brought out her scimitar, hurled forward and inflicted multiple slashes upon Ganondorf, who had to temporarily kneel down to recover from what had just happened to him. “The only thing inevitable is the fall of evil, you miserable heap of camel-waste!” declared Urbosa. Ganondorf again picked up his blade and swung at Urbosa. Again, she used the same defensive maneuver to knock back the Evil King. “Now this is what you call a Perfect Guard, Ganondorf!” Urbosa mocked. She then hit Ganondorf with a few more blows. It was clear that the momentum of the battle had flipped on its head. Ganondorf again picked up his blade. “Now I know the reason behind your history of failure. Like this battle, you keep repeating the same move again and again and expect a different result.” With that, Urbosa brought up her shield once again, readying her third perfect guard. She was thinking that one more would do it and put an end to this unwanted scourge. As expected, Ganondorf was readying another strike. But this time, a purple aura was coming from his arms. What was to happen next, Urbosa couldn’t anticipate. This time, when the blade made contact with the Daybreaker, the shield shattered into pieces. Ganondorf gave an evil smirk. He then landed a powerful horizontal kick to Urbosa, who fell to the ground. “Ha ha ha. What was that mention of repeating the same moves? You just dug your own grave. Now DIE!!” Ganondorf slashed hard at her, but Urbosa just about dodged. “I’ve got you where I want you now, like a beast cornering its prey,” proudly stated Ganondorf. Urbosa stood up tall and declared: “If that’s what you believe, then come and strike me down!” Ganondorf, confident that breaking Urbosa’s shield was the key to his impending victory, started aiming slash after slash; however, Urbosa was managing to dodge all of his attacks. But it was apparent that Urbosa’s previous blows on him were taking their toll. His attacks were slowing. Ganondorf then decided to put his might into one big attack. With the purple aura again coming from his arms, he went with a lusty horizontal blow. But in what looked like precise timing, Urbosa jumped right over the Giant Blade. She then performed a forward flip in mid air, straight over the head of Ganondorf, landed right behind him and dug her scimitar straight through his back. Ganondorf gave out an agonizing scream and fell to the ground. A huge clamor could be heard from the watching Gerudo. Urbosa then stood over her defeated opponent. “You called it a worthless blade. How fitting then that it’s the very blade to bring about your demise. You always were a disgusting blemish upon our people. It is justice that we are the ones to put you down like the beast you truly are.” Urbosa was turning away, until she felt the ground shaking. A Molduga? No. This felt different. “Worthless?” Urbosa hastily turned around. Ganondorf was still on the ground, but was on all four limbs. “I will tell you what’s worthless now, you wretch. The existence of the Gerudo! I believed that my return to this race would bring us back to the path of destiny, but I was wrong. The Gerudo are sick, diseased, and deserve a mass extinction. And I will be the one to bring about this MASS EXTINCTION!!!” Ganondorf’s eyes were changing. His teeth were taking a monstrous form. Suddenly, his body was transforming, becoming bigger and bigger. It was then engulfed in dark shadow. When this dark shadow faded, Urbosa was faced with something absolutely horrifying. It was a giant, black boar-like beast, ready to charge at her. The watching Gerudo looked on in sheer horror. But Urbosa, as calm as ever, exclaimed: “If you want to obliterate my home, my people, you will have to get through me. And you should know, I will give you hell! Now, do your worst!”

Ganondorf, now in his beast form, gave a deathly stare at the Gerudo Chief. Scratching its front hoof on the sand, it then charged at Urbosa. She barely had time to react when it sent her flying backwards and crashing into the ground. Dazed, she slowly got to feet: “The truth is, I have no idea how to defeat such a monstrous beast. But if I’m to fall, I will fall as a warrior.” She picked up her scimitar and charged towards the beast. However, before she could reach it, the beast seemed to run through a white portal which had materialised out of nowhere. Bemused, she looked around to see where it had gone. Suddenly, another white portal opened behind her, and the beast again charged at her with full velocity, again, sending her flying and violently hitting the ground. The watching Gerudo feared the worst. Was this the end of their beloved Chief? If so, what would the beast do with them? Would this be the end of the Gerudo? Bruised and bloodied, Urbosa could barely even get up from the ground, let alone stand. With a sense of resignation, she said to herself: “The way this is going, that cursed Ganondorf’s victory is inevitable. One more blow will finish me. There’s only one thing that may work now, and even that is a risk. I’ve only ever used this move on normal sized opponents, but using it on such a leviathan would need every speck of my energy. But if I don’t do this, it may well be the end of the Gerudo. I have no choice. Here goes nothing.” Again, Urbosa stood up, despite every part of her body aching like being thrown into a lava pit, and faced the beast. “Hey, if you want to finish me, then here I am!” she shouted, clenching her fist hard. It duly obliged, but again, just before reaching her, it ran through another white portal. Again, it came charging at her from a portal from behind. However, Urbosa had been clenching her fist. The beast was on the verge of its final pounce, when Urbosa put her right arm in the air. She turned her head and with a smile, declared: “Sav’orq, you pile of filth!”

With that, she snapped her fingers. Suddenly, a magnificent and thick bolt of lightning tore into the beast. It gave a deafening screech and fell to the ground. The lightening was still enveloping it while the beast rolled around in agony. Slowly, the beast began to shrink. It was again surrounded in dark shadow, which then faded, along with the lightning, revealing that the beast had reverted back into Ganondorf, the Gerudo form. However, he now had no energy to get up. Half of the watching Gerudo ran towards Ganondorf, apprehending him with ropes while the other half ran to their Chief, who was also on the ground. “My Lady, are you OK?” asked a worried General. After a few seconds, they saw her hand move. Slowly, she brought herself onto her knees, much to the delight of her fellow Gerudo. “In the end, I had to use my fury. I wasn’t sure if I would survive, given the power I needed to use it, but it seems this time, I just about made it.” She was just about able to stand up when she looked towards the other half of the Gerudo, who had both of Ganondorf’s arms tied with ropes. “Now, to tie up loose ends”. She was given her scimitar by one of her aides. She then slowly made her way to the Evil King. Ganondorf, with only energy remaining to talk, mocked: “So this is what we have been reduced to? Slaves of that forsaken Royal Family. At least I never have to live to oversee such utter humiliation. Better off being slain at the hands of my own.” Urbosa, readying her scimitar, simply stated: “It took us centuries to step away from your reprehensible shadow of villainy, tarnished by your despicable and poisonous aspirations. And with your death, the Gerudo will truly be free from that shadow. But take no pride in this, your corpse will be left here to either rot or be devoured by the Molduga. And now…” Urbosa was on the verge of decapitating Ganondorf when suddenly, a blue light appeared in between them, stopping the execution. The blue light began taking form. When this process had completed, standing before Urbosa was a young woman. She had prominent blue hair, purple eyes and was dressed in strange attire. She tilted her head sideways and gave a bright smile. Perturbed, Urbosa held her scimitar at this mysterious woman and declared: “Surely you are a person associated with Ganondorf. If you dare even attempt to interfere, we will not have mercy.” At this, the mysterious figure gave a laugh: “He he. Me, in cahoots with this overgrown clown? Eew. But you’re slightly right. His appearance here is kinda my bad.” Annoyed, Urbosa shouted: “Identify yourself. Who are you? And what have you got to do with all of this?” The woman replied: “You see, I’m Lana, the White Sorceress. And I am one of the Guardians of Time. In my abode, I was super excited about a new spell I wanted to learn, but I decided to practice it too soon. As a result, an energy ball from my spell ended up hitting the pillar responsible for the flow of time during the Twilight Invasion. When something like that happens, it can interfere with the events that happened during that time, and even a slight alteration in events can have big, big consequences. And that’s kinda what happened here. A slight alteration in events in the Twilight era, caused by my messing around led to a large chain reaction, resulting in Ganondorf ending up in this era. So I’m here to take this noisy, troublesome thing you have tied up here for me and put it back where it belongs, he he.” In the time Lana was talking, Ganondorf had regained a little of his strength. He broke free of the ropes which were binding him. “Look, whoever you are, I am going to slice you to pie…” Ganondorf hadn’t finished when suddenly, Lana opened the thick book she had in her arm, put her hand up towards the Evil King and clamoured: “Bind!” Ganondorf’s body had suddenly become immobilised by an aura coming out of Lana’s hand. “Now, before I leave, let me undo this rather unforeseen event of the day. She put up her other hand and loudly said: “Mind wipe!” A massive haze came out of her hand, went through all of the Gerudo, and with that, Lana opened a purple portal, and with Ganondorf still immobilised by her other hand, took herself and him through the portal and disappeared. The Gerudo all started looking around at one another, completely confused. Urbosa, now showing no battle wounds or weariness, also had no explanation for her subjects. She stated: “I have no idea what we are all doing here, whether we all decided to sleep-walk at the same time. But one thing is certain. There’s no time to dwell. We need to get back to Gerudo Town. Princess Zelda is on her way here to deliver a special request.”


Epilogue – In a place no one knows exists

Lana was walking past all the time pillars with a relieved look on her face. She looked into the orb on the pillar of the Twilight Era, watching how Ganondorf was being sent to the Twilight Realm. “Well, I’m glad that mess was sorted. Let’s never do that again, he he.” She walked for another five minutes until coming to another pillar. She looked into the orb of this pillar. Here, she could see a blonde hero wearing blue standing on a cliff overlooking a ruined castle surrounded by a terrifying purple and black essence. Lana gave a sad, but melancholic look. “After all these years, you still endure. If only there was a way for us to be together, my love.”

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