GameGrumps Release This Funny Compilation of Their Best Legend of Zelda Moments

By Sarah Trimble
January 31, 2019

Right off the bat – that 39 minute time stamp solidified my interest and the genuine laughter and quick wit between the narrators was instantly welcoming in the first ten seconds. I assumed this video was going to be a list of YouTuber GameGrumps‘s choices of best moments, but it turned out to be so much better. It’s just a compilation of the best moments from two dudes laughing their butts off and goofing around with the gameplay over the years. I could not stop laughing through the entire thing and it honestly made my day in a very relatable and humanizing way. I will say it is absolutely not kid friendly in terms of language and adult jokes, but, I’m 26 – I’m fine. The mispronunciation of names, while maybe unintentional, was particularly funny. Playing through Majora’s Mask seemed to be particularly difficult for the hosts and provided tons of meme-able, inside joke-able content. All the Breath of the Wild fails were great and I was able to nod my head and say; “oh man, been there, I feel this pain,” several times. Their coordinated singing, multiple unique voices, and improvising lyrics is impressive as well. In conclusion, these guys are hilarious and I definitely recommend this video and a subscribe to their channel for all kinds of entertainment, from funny childhood stories to in-depth play throughs and just general shenanigans. Until next time, thanks for reading!


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