Fan builds Legend of Zelda arcade machine and it’s awesome!

By Hick
October 18, 2016

Arcade Museum user Wyo has spent the last year and a half working on a Legend of Zelda arcade machine. Arcade machines were very popular in the 80’s and 90’s as they offered the best game play experience in my opinion. I can remember going to the mall when I was younger and playing numerous arcade machines with my friends. It’s still some of the best times I’ve ever had. Seeing hundreds of arcade machines in one place was an awesome visual that can’t really be described unless you were there. Arcade machines, as you know, are not as popular today and are almost obsolete. Even though you would never find a Legend of Zelda arcade machine back in the day, it is still something that is cool to see and imagine.

Here is some of what Wyo had to say about the project.

“Hey guys. I thought I’d share an arcade project I’ve been working on over the last year and a half. I always thought it would be cool if Nintendo made a Legend of Zelda arcade game. Would it be practical for such a long game? Probably not….but I still think it would have been cool. Anyways, that’s what stools are for. Ha.

So last year I decided to build one from scratch. As of today, it’s about 95% done. All I have left to do is design, print and emboss the side art and bezel instruction card. It will be awhile before I do that, but I will update this thread when that is done. I just finishing wiring it all up last night.

I’ll just summarize some cliff notes. Basically, it’s an all wood construction. Primered and block sanded smooth and straight. I painted it with metallic gold automotive urethane, and then added a mid coat of .008 gold flake. After I cleared it, I wetsanded it 1000-3000 and then polished it. It turned out pretty cool. The whole cab shimmers in the light with the light bouncing off the flake.

The artwork was a lot of work. I had to recreate all the images in illustrator. In my design, My intent with the art was to make it look DK/80’s nintendo ish. I then hand cut and gold chrome embossed the control panel and bezel. I will do the same with the side art and instruction sticker.

Inside, is a decased 20″ CRT and an NES wired to the arcade joystick and buttons. I was gonna do a playchoice ten….but now I’m happy I went with the NES. I can play all the NES games with an Everdrive N8.”

If you want to check out the original forum post from Wyo click here. Below are some images of the awesome arcade machine!


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