Exploring the Origins of Breath of the Wild’s Stables

By Red
November 2, 2018

The stables scattered across Hyrule play an important role in Breath of the Wild. They are essential for horse ownership and management, provide a safe place for Link to sleep, and function as a gathering place for merchants and quest-givers. In his latest Origin video, YouTuber Dr.Wily dives into the potential origin of these stables. Dr.Wily proposes two potential origin theories for the stables and the stable masters who run them. The first is that they are people who were driven from their homes during the Calamity and were forced to live a nomadic life to survive, before eventually founding the stables. The second theory wonders if the stable masters are the remains of the ancient tribe that inhabited the Faron Woods region where the horse god Malanya resides.

Check out Dr.Wily’s video below (or on YouTube) to see his theories, along with the strong supporting evidence he provides for each. Then let us know in the comments below where YOU think the stables came from!