By Red
August 3, 2017

We’ve featured several theory videos from Youtuber Dr.Wily in articles on our website before, and today we want to take a look at another theory video he has posted. In it, Dr.Wily tackles the question, “What happened to Kakariko Village?” He addresses the history of Kakariko Village and why it has changed so much from game to game.

After a brief history on the village, Dr.Wily examines how it changes after the timeline split in Ocarina of Time. Beginning with the “downfall” timeline where the Hero is defeated, he theorizes that the village as we saw it in OoT was destroyed during Ganondorf’s takeover. The village was later rebuilt in the location we see in A Link to the Past.

Next, Dr.Wily examines the Child Link timeline. Kakariko Village (as seen in Twilight Princess) is in the same location as it is in OoT – at the base of Death Mountain. However, there is also the Hidden Village, which has signs saying “Welcome to Old Kakariko” in Hylian. This leads to several possibilities. Perhaps the Hidden Village is the original Kakariko Village from OoT, but it was abandoned and relocated close by, to where we see it in TP. Another possibility is that the Hidden Village was built when Impa opened up Kakariko Village to the public. The Sheikah still wanted their own village, so the two villages existed side by side.

Finally, in the Adult Link timeline, Ganon was sealed away, but eventually returned, leading to the flooding of Hyrule. The common theory here is that Kakariko Village was flooded along with the rest of Hyrule. Dr.Wily also puts forth the idea that Kakariko Village became Windfall Island. This could have happened either because Kakariko Village was on a high hill, or because the goddesses raised the ground beneath Kakariko Village to save it. Dr.Wily points out the similarities between Kakariko Village from OoT and Windfall Island from Wind Waker, such as the giant windmill.

Kakariko Village is one of the most iconic locations in the Zelda franchise, and Dr.Wily does an excellent job examining its history and changes throughout the series. So give the video a watch and share your own Kakariko Village theories in the comments! You can check out the video below or click here to view it on Youtube. While you’re there, be sure to check out Dr.Wily’s other excellent Zelda theory videos.