Exploring DIY Crafts for Your Zelda Hobby

By Zach Bowman
October 20, 2017

If you have a knack for making things with a hands-on approach, this one is for you. Or if you are ever curious about the creation of odds and ends using simple materials! I find the creations shown in this video by Youtuber PolymomoTea quite amazing, given that there is beauty even in the smallest of crafts. While I am not as deft with my hands for such creations, I admire that another Zelda fan out there has taken the time to show us how it is done. The items made in the video are easily the most recognizable, core items that are obtained throughout the games in the Zelda series, and they look great!

Most of the items created are consumable items, with the exception being the Ocarina of Time. Polymer clay and resin are utilized to form the various shapes required to replicate these fun items- a bomb and a green rupee are just a few examples of the several items that are created in the tutorial. I found this guide easy to follow along with, and the creator knowledgeable with the materials used and the methods to craft with them. I find the resin particularly fascinating, as the resin is actually cured with ultraviolet light! Take a few moments to follow along with this guide to making your very own awesome Zelda items. If I had the skill and the patience, I would be filling my desk at work with these trinkets and items. I might just have to take it up, and see how the results turn out! Check out Two Guys Playing Zelda for more on Zelda and be sure to explore more of the PolymomoTea channel for more neat creations and crafting guides.

You can check out the video below or click here to view it on Youtube. ENJOY!


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