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Expensive eBay Stuff – Legend of Zelda Toys

By Holly J
December 3, 2018

In PeanutButterGamer‘s 7th annual Zelda month, he decided to purchase a bunch of Zelda items off of eBay and check them out. Among these items, he purchased a Legend of Zelda trash can, which was one of the most expensive items that he purchased. It was a pretty cool trash can, with lots of color and design. The next item he showed was a Legend of Zelda towel. It was a huge towel and it had a Toon Link estque design. The next items he showed were articles of clothing. Among these items, were a hoodie, Toon Link sunglasses, and boxers. He also bought some Hylian Shield slippers. The next item he showed was the official Legend of Zelda Wind Waker. This was also one of the most rare items, and as a collector myself, I only slightly cringed when he opened it. He said it felt nice to the touch though. Along with the musical variety, he purchased a self playing Ocarina of Time. He also showed some Zelda dishes and then showed the final item, the Nintendo cereal system, which was never opened! It was awesome to see the cereal after all of these years, I can’t believe he tasted it though, the cereal was older than him! Overall, I really enjoyed the video. It had lots of really cool Zelda items in it that I didn’t even know existed. It makes me wonder what kinds of Zelda items will be considered rare in the future.

You can check out the video below or click here to watch it on YouTube. Enjoy!