By Red
August 22, 2017

Youtuber Commonwealth Realm has an excellent series of “Timelines” videos, where they explore the events of various video game series, including the Legend of Zelda. Today, we take a look at their timeline of one of the most beloved races in the Zelda series: the Zora.

Commonwealth Realm’s Zora timeline traces the history of the Zora species, from their origin as the Parellas in the Sky Era all the way through the three splits of the official Zelda timeline after Ocarina of Time. The video not only tackles the Zora’s participation in Link’s various adventures, it also addresses the role the Zora played in other events that occurred outside of the games, like the Hyrulean Civil War and the Imprisoning War.

Commonwealth Realm’s Zora timeline video is one of the most comprehensive and well thought out timeline videos I’ve seen. It offers a great history of the major events in the Zelda series and how the Zora fit into it, and how the Zora evolved from game to game. You can check out the video below or click here to view it on Youtube.