Counting Down the Top 5 Most Powerful Zelda Items!

By Red
November 1, 2018

Throughout the Zelda series, Link has wielded some amazing items. These items have allowed Link to dish out absurd amounts of punishment to his foes. But there are a handful of weapons and items that stand above the rest. YouTuber Zeltik collaborated with ZeldaMaster to count down their top 5 most ridiculously powerful Zelda items! The items they settled on cover the entire history of the Zelda series, from the original Legend of Zelda’s clock (which froze all enemies on the screen, allowing Link to eliminate them at his leisure) to Breath of the Wild’s One-Hit Obliterator (whose name says it all). And while I personally think it is unforgiveable to exclude Link’s Awakening’s boomerang from ANY list of powerful Zelda items, Zeltik and ZeldaMaster’s countdown is a great reminder of the obscenely powerful weapons Link has had in his arsenal over the years! So check out their video below (or on YouTube here) to see the full countdown of Zeltik and ZeldaMaster’s top five most ridiculously powerful Zelda items, then let us know in the comments any items you think belong on the list!