Could We See Content Cut From The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in its Nintendo Switch Sequel?

By Gabriel Vargas
June 18, 2019

Before we know it the next trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 will come out, whether it be in a Nintendo Direct or even until the next E3 we know one thing for certain, more details will be revealed. But before we all get excited why don’t we try to theorize what will eventually be revealed. There has already been many theories based on just the short teaser that Nintendo showed us during their Nintendo Direct at E3. The theories range from a friendly Ganondorf to the possible return of Demise himself. Until the release of a new trailer all we can do is simply theorize.

However, in a recent Zelda related video by Austin John Plays, he has a compelling idea and talks about how Breath Of The Wild 2 was only made a sequel because of “All the dlc ideas that the developers had for the first game” as said by Eiji Anouma, the producer of The Legend of Zelda series. In the video we take a look through the Zelda book “Creating a Champion” that was made specifically for Breath Of The Wild to show the ideas they had for the first game. AJP believes that looking through this book could give us some ideas as to what Nintendo could be planning for Breath of the Wild.

I do believe he could be right because as many people pointed out when it was released there is a piece of concept art in the book that shows Link riding a motorcycle and wouldn’t you know it during the Game Awards 2017 the dlc pack “Champion’s Ballad” was revealed for Botw and featured link riding the master cycle zero. From what Austin John Plays found in the book he believes we could see the return of classic Zelda races such as the Kokiri or forest children as he calls them, some new enemies (which would be a welcome addition considering there was a lack of enemies in botw), and even some new items. You can all check it all out in Austin John Plays new video below!


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