Check Out This Rock Cover of the Tal Tal Heights Theme from Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

By Kendra J
July 3, 2019

Have a listen to this cover of Tal Tal Heights from Link’s Awakening by FamilyJules! This is just how I imagined a rock cover of this tune would sound. Upon my first few listenings, I imagined just starting the game down by the beach as Link, waiting to figure out where we are and what is happening… not knowing what an adventure awaits us on Koholint Island. For some reason I have always associated this music with beaches and nice, windy summer days… maybe because that’s how Link’s Awakening portrays the beginning and I remember playing this for the first time in the summer as a child. Such a nostalgic trip! This is the perfect time of year to revisit the game before its re-release this fall! So check out FamilyJules’ cover of the Tal Tal Heights theme below!


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