Carl Johnson from GTA San Andreas Meets Hyrule

By Hick
September 26, 2017

Grand Theft Auto is the only game franchise I rank higher than the Legend of Zelda. I started playing GTA games with the 3rd installment, and have played every game since. GTA V is currently my favorite game of all time, yes even higher than Ocarina of Time. There was just so much to do in it and the game world was humongous. I also loved how the story revolved around 3 characters for the first time, and who doesn’t love Trevor?!

Behind GTA 5, GTA San Andreas is my 2nd favorite entry in the franchise. At that time, the size of the game world was something I had never experienced. I also loved the introduction of the character Carl Johnson. He was someone who truly fit for a GTA game. Youtuber WilianZilv recently took this character and implemented him into Breath of the Wild. While the video is short, it is still awesome to see this character from a beloved franchise of mine inside a Zelda game I adore.

You can check out the video below or click here to view it on Youtube. ENJOY!


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