Capturing the Essence of Zelda in Jazz

By Zach Bowman
May 28, 2018

I often listen to music while I work. Music is my link between work and focus. Without it, I receive too much of the hustle and bustle of the office environment. Phone calls, obnoxious habits of others around me, and the loud printing machines can often drive me a tad crazy. In order to release myself from the constant drone of those noises, I like to find and listen to music that serves as a replacement noise. This helps me focus, and I have found that I am generally more productive when focusing, so music is one of the benefits I can enjoy while working. This is not only great for me, but great for the office and company I work for as well! The Legend of Zelda series is always included in my listening experiences, at least a few times a week.

This is among some of the most soothing jazz for a video game series. Even if you happen to not be particularly fond of the jazz music genre, I still highly recommend this cover of Zelda music. Due to the soft tones of jazz music, concentration while listening to this music is an easy task. I often obsess over music, and how it sounds. Sometimes, maybe even often, I can be a bit critical of the music I hear. Jazz is one of those that I cannot help but be critical of, but I am always trying to keep an open mind. What better way to do this than to listen to a game infused jazz experience?

This one goes in the books as one of the great covers for me. It comes from Youtuber Luigi. Very easy listening, and the songs are immediately recognizable, which makes the listening experience a treat for a game enthusiast as well. Each song is taken and expanded upon with jazz elements. The saxophone is the dominant instrument, but piano also plays a crucial role. Percussion is kept very light and airy, definitely marks of soft jazz. Adding to all of this is the bass, which serves as a strong back bone to the music structure. A touch of electric guitar in the songs also helps add a nice tone to the songs. Give this video a listen below or on YouTube here, especially if you need some chill tunes for the next 30 minutes or so! I highly recommend it, as well as the other covers done by this channel. Excellent background, study, and focus music.


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