Breath of the Wild trailer music set to Ocarina of Time visuals!

By Hick
August 19, 2016

Youtuber Sauraen made this awesome video where he took the Breath of the Wild trailer music and set it to Ocarina of Time visuals. It’s amazing how close the scenes match up on timing and how similar the settings are (he made a comparison video to show this). He represents Link jumping off a cliff in the Breath of the Wild trailer by having Link jump off a house in Kakariko Village while holding on to a Cucco. One of my favorite parts is when the video zooms out on Link climbing Death Mountain. Some other similarities you will find in the video include things like taming the horse, riding across the bridge, climbing, cooking (sort of), bosses, combat mechanics, and the Master Sword at the end. In giving significant importance to detail, he also slows down Link while he is doing a back flip in combat. You can tell this video took time to make and I’m glad someone put the time into it. If you are a fan of the Zelda series, you have to see this video. You can check out the video by Sauraen below.


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