Breath of Studio Ghibli

By Zach Winn
August 3, 2018

The Legend of Zelda has experienced some of the most dramatic aesthetic changes throughout its rich history. At times these evolutions were met with controversy, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from expanding the visual possibilities of the series. Inspiration varied with each iteration, and the fictional land of Hyrule matured into its most recent artistic translation with Breath of the Wild. Blending many aspects from past installments, the newest game in the series brightly saturated palette is met with a foreboding undertone of a hero once defeated and a land that paid the ultimate price.

Although Breath of the Wild adapts gameplay elements from western developers, the thematic style has been noted to adopt from an eastern aesthetic, more specifically that of Studio Ghibli. YouTuber Beyond Ghibli connects strong parallels between the two major Japanese companies. Comparing Breath of the Wild with the popular and highly acclaimed film “Princess Mononoke”, the video makes a strong argument attaching the influence of Miyazaki’s film with the bold new direction of Breath of the Wild’s look and themes. For fans of the Zelda series, and especially those of the latest installment, “Princess Mononoke” is a definite must watch after seeing the comparisons.

What do you think of Beyond Ghibli’s video? We’d love to hear your thoughts. You can check out the video below, or click here to view it on YouTube.


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