Bossa Nova Key

By Zach Winn
October 18, 2018

Music has been a staple to “The Legend of Zelda” series since the original installment. From atmosphere to gameplay, the growing soundtrack throughout each iteration of Hyrule has become beloved in and out of the gaming community. While these iconic tunes have made their way to concert halls with symphonies memorializing the melodies, fans from all over the world have also taken a crack at interpreting these timeless tracks.

With a wide array of instruments that Link and company have picked up through the years, it only feels appropriate that there have been multiple translations for these scores. In one case, YouTuber insaneintherainmusic becomes a one man band. In an impressive display, he puts a bossa nova spin on a classic from “Majora’s Mask”. Apart from the music, the overall presentation and cinematography creates an enjoyable show, begging for an encore. For every fan of the franchise, this is definitely a must see.

What’s your favorite cover from the library of “The Legend of Zelda”? We’d love to hear your picks. Also, what did you think of insaneintherainmusic’s musical take? Did he do the original justice? You can check out his video below, or click here to view it on YouTube.