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Bioware Blames Zelda for Failure of Mass Effect: Andromeda

By Red
June 28, 2018

By almost any metric, Bioware’s Mass Effect: Andromeda was a disappointment. Reviews were average, sales were well below expectations, and bugs plagued the game at launch. Worst of all, Andromeda’s relative failure basically killed one of the most critically acclaimed franchises of this generation. YouTuber LegacyKillaHD decided to take a look at some interesting quotes from Bioware regarding Andromeda. At E3 2018, Mark Darrah, the executive producer of Bioware’s upcoming game Anthem, was asked about Andromeda’s failure. Rather than taking the blame for a mediocre game with a trainwreck of a development process, Darrah blamed tough competition in Andromeda’s release window for the game’s disappointing sales. To quote Darrah, “It came out the same month as Zelda [Breath of the Wild].” LegacyKillaHD pulls no punches in slamming Darrah for this excuse, pointing out much more valid reasons for Andromeda’s failure.

This is not the first time a studio has tried to shift blame away from itself when a game disappoints, and it certainly won’t be the last. At the end of the day, however, the blame lies with Bioware. You can check out LegacyKillaHD’s deconstruction of Bioware’s argument below, or click here to view it on YouTube.