Using the Stars to Prove Hyrule is Actually On Earth!

By Krissia Arteaga
April 10, 2020

If there are things I love the most in this world, besides cats and Zelda, it’s the field of astronomy. And the moment I realized there is a theory that links the existence of the Zelda Universe to our real world blows my mind and I HAD to take over this subject.

Austin, the one that took the time and effort to build this theory from The Game Theorists on Youtube, mentions important things to prove that, in a beautiful, tragic world, Link saves us as we are saving ourselves right now (which, by the way, I hope you all wash your hands and remains home!).

Important games like Wind Waker and Breath of the Wild shows a detailed night sky. It is mentioned there are three galaxies showing in the first game, but the second game doesn’t show the ones we know now. He makes us remember that Breath of the Wild takes place thousands of years after the events from Wind Waker, and galaxies changes with time. So the sky we see now was not like it was hundreds of years ago. If this theory doesn’t blow your mind, I don’t know what will.

I have always admired how the creators of each Zelda game put so many details for us as the fans to make our imagination fly like Austin did. It’s what keeps this game as one of the most important ones. It will remain as part of history and will never stop being important if they keep going like this, trust me that I feel in love with this game even more when I watched this video.

Grab both a regular encyclopedia and the Zelda encyclopedia to find better details about this theory, which you can watch below!



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