Arlo’s BotW Review Series: The Magic of Exploration – Introduction

By Sarah Trimble
November 18, 2018

This first installment of what looks to be a three-parter is an entertaining treat to watch and listen to. Featuring some great editing from YouTuber Arlo, and a personable, interesting narration. The first thing that drew me to this video was that the narrator sounds just like Patton Oswalt. He helps us all relive the first time we played BOTW with humorous anecdotes and facts, and provides visual examples to supplement, which is a nice touch. The beginning of the video also starts off with credits to all, and establishing some definitions and terms, also a prudent script choice. Through this video we are reminded of why BOTW won game of the year, and why it’s a valuable addition to any gamer’s collection as well. Emphasizing on its exploration capabilities and small details like Yiga footsoldiers, Koroks and dragon hunting, we see the sheer genius of the game brought out in minute but vibrant ways. There’s also a bit of comparison between other open-world games like Shadow of the Colossus and Skyrim, who are great in their own right, and it was nice to see some friendly discussion opened up with that topic. After I was done watching this video, I immediately sat down at my Wii U with a cup of coffee and gathered half a dozen Koroks. Thank you, Arlo and co. for that nostalgia blast, and for the hard work you put into this production, well done! 9/10 overall.

You can check out the video below or click here to watch it on YouTube. Enjoy!


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