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An Easier Version of The Legend of Zelda is Now Available on Nintendo Switch Online!

By Red
October 11, 2018

Even for seasoned Zelda veterans, the original Legend of Zelda for the NES can be a challenge. Between less-than-precise controls, obscure clues, hidden dungeons, and tough enemies, the Zelda game that started it all can be a daunting challenge for newcomers. Now, Nintendo is attempting to make it a bit more accessible by offering an easier version of The Legend of Zelda to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers! In this new version, titled The Legend of Zelda – Living the Life of Luxury, the player starts with all the game’s equipment, including the White Sword and Magical Shield. The player will also start with a load of rupees to buy even more items. These benefits will undoubtedly help make the game a little easier for newcomers and veterans alike. The Legend of Zelda – Living the Life of Luxury is available now to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.