Amazing Mockup Features 3 Classic Zelda Games in HD for the Switch

By Hick
March 27, 2018

One game that I have been asking for over a long period of time is Skyward Sword HD. With the success of the Nintendo Switch, I think now is the right time to remake this game with HD graphics. I understand that many fans dislike Skyward Sword, but I have always found it to be a great Zelda game. I love the art style (I’m curious how it would transfer to HD), story, dungeons, bosses, areas, and soundtrack. While the motion controls weren’t the best, I never really struggled too much with them like others. I would still prefer this game be remade with “button” controls. I think it would bring back a lot of fans who didn’t have a great experience with the first installment.

While Nintendo is at it, perhaps they should also port over Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD from the WiiU! Wouldn’t that be one awesome Zelda collection for the Switch? Well thanks to Redditor GarikW, who created this amazing Zelda Collection HD mockup, we now have an idea of what the cover art for the collection could look like. I really love this mockup and I think it would be a home run for Nintendo. Even though I have already played two of the games, I think I would be willing to pay almost $100 for this collection. What do you think of the mockup? How much would you pay for this? Let us know down in the comments!