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Amazing Cross-Stitched Map of A Link to the Past’s Hyrule!

By Red
June 20, 2018

A Link to the Past featured one of the biggest game worlds of its time, and it remains my personal favorite version of Hyrule to this day. I loved opening up the map in game and seeing all the different terrains and landmarks that seemed so far away! Apparently Reddit user mitniftus shares my love of LttP’s game world, because they used 57,344 stitches to create a beautiful cross-stitch version of Hyrule! The project measures 12.5” by 14” and was done on 18-count fabric. I may not know every square inch of the map, but this awesome recreation looks absolutely perfect to me!

57,344 stitches later, my largest cross stitch project ever is finally complete!! from r/zelda