Adorable girl goes on Zelda adventure for Halloween.

By Hick
November 1, 2016

Youtuber FREE DAD VIDEOS made this adorable video of his daughter, Amelia, going on a Zelda adventure for Halloween. It starts with her playing Wind Waker before dressing up as Link to head out on her adventure. We see her ride Epona, block with her shield, swing her sword, bomb a rock to get a key, check her map, and retrieve the Boomerang from a treasure chest. In a hilarious moment, we also see her take the time to break some pottery, haha. She ends by drinking some red potion before taking on what appears to be a boss fight with her Bow and Arrow. Along the way the whole time is her Ocarina of Time sidekick, Navi.

It’s a very cool video that any Zelda fan should check out. Click here to see the cute video on Youtube or you can check it out below.


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