A Zelda Theory from a Newbie

By Howard Reid HHB
August 11, 2018

I always like to say that the beginning is as important as the end. I want to start off by thanking the creators and you for reading as well. A special shoutout & thank you to my God brother Brian who got me into Zelda at an early age by introducing me to Smash Bros. where I met link and TGPZ for giving me a space.

To understand theories we must first understand the franchise & official timeline of the series. A brief history; The Legend of Zelda was originally released in 1986 (I was born in 98′ so bare with me, I’m new.) Within these games the usual situation is that Link is the main protagonist (hero) who’s task is to rescue Princess Zelda and save the Kingdom of Hyrule from Ganondorf/Ganon who is the main antagonist (villain.) The plots commonly involve an ancient relic known as the Triforce which is a set of 3 omnipotent equilateral triangles. Tri means 3 or having 3. After Ocarina of Time the timeline splits into 3 official timelines for the series known & confirmed. The hero usually isn’t the same incarnation of Link, with a few exceptions.

As of now the story starts with The Era of the World’s Creation and the game Skyward Sword. In The Era of the World’s creation Heaven and Earth are created. The Golden Goddesses are Deities who created the world, all the realms, life forms and the spirit of law that all creatures must obey. The Triforce appeared when they departed the realm for the heavens. The first appearance of the Golden Goddesses was in A Link to the Past in 1992 but the game to begin the series’ timeline as of now is Skyward Sword, where they also appear. Hyrule is represented by a majestic species of bird, Loftwings, also known as guardian birds; who also appear in Skyward Sword being used by the citizens of Skyloft to fly around the different regions and in the Wing Ceremony.

The Legend of Zelda series chronology is as follows (with game titles in parentheses).

The Legends of the Gods and Hero of Time.

1. The Era of the World’s Creation.

2. The Era of the Goddess of Hylia (Skyward Sword)

3. The Sky Era (Skyward Sword)

4. The Era of Chaos

5. The Era of Prosperity

6. The Force Era (The Minish Cap and Four Swords)

7. The Era of the Hero of Time {Child Era/Adult Era} (The Ocarina of Time)

  • Here alluding towards what I previously said the timelines are split. They’re split to one where the hero is defeated and twice where the hero is successful. I won’t go into them because Breath of the Wild officially falls at the end of every branch of the timeline.


  • Birds are dinosaurs. The current scientific consensus is that birds are a group of theropod dinosaurs that originated during the Mesozoic Era. Birds were praised in ancient Egypt and with the pyramids alignment with Orion & ancient depictions of aircraft & dinosaurs as well.
  • One of my theories is that this franchise is either placed far into the future or far into the past in Africa. We could be going back to the future (no movie pun intended) being that a lot of ancient civilizations were vastly advanced, not only the Egyptians. The things that are backing this theory are stated below with The Shoebill in my opinion being the most unique.

1. Also known as whalehead, The Shoebill is a very large stork like-bird which the Loftwings are modeled after and they represent Hyrule. They are native to tropical east Africa.

2. The advanced technology in Breath of the Wild (Breath of the Wild falls 100 years into the future where I’ve read new studies show that the Sphinx could be more than 800,000 years old no one knows).

3. The shrines are filled with Runes and Monks in seeming to be the same type of bed Link was in at the beginning of the game and awoke from after his 100 year slumber.

4. According to National Geographic, there is proof that, “All human beings alive today are Africans.” Also “There’s no scientific basis for Race – it’s a made-up Label.”

5. The whole continent of Africa was once called Kush or Ethiopia.

6. There are underground cities and some are submerged in water so there used to be more land on Earth.

7. The Sheikah Slate has an eye on it as well as the Sheikah people’s tribal tattoos.

8. The number 4 appears a lot in the series and the pyramids have 4 points at their bottoms. Some of their bases are squares, uncommonly known.

9. Christianity originated in Ethiopia and a lot of biblical places are there as well in Africa.

10. 4 is the number of the heart chakra. You need 4 spirit orbs to enhance your heart container or stamina container and fairies give you another life so it implies eternal life or that one might live again.

I have 3 theories on Link’s father and the theories are that Rune had a precognition and sacrificed himself to oversee things in the spirit world or spirit realm and help Link to defeat Ganon on his journey. The 2nd one being that he could still see the future but he was a blood sacrifice for Ganon to be able to time travel and that is why the timelines are split into 3 and everyone is keeping the secret away from Link so reality will not be altered again. The 3rd theory being that they both are Gods and Zelda being the 3rd God/Goddess like The Golden Goddesses. Evidence:

1. Rune was a King from the Elf race who is Link’s father.

2. Rune was killed by one of Ganondorf’s demons.

3. Rune had an affair with Princess Zelda.

4. Zeus’ father Cronus planned to swallow him as he did all his other siblings.

5. Monks are inhabitants of the shrines.

6. There was animosity between Elves and Hylians at the time.

7. The Golden Goddesses are also known as “The Old Gods.”

Please remember this is all just in theory and I could be completely wrong. Sincerely, Howard Cordell Reid Jr.

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