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A Year After Its Release Is Breath of the Wild Still the Best Game of All Time?

By Lizzie Fourman
March 6, 2018

YouTuber Commonwealth Realm released a video recently about whether they think Breath of the Wild is still the best game of all time. They give you a spoiler warning when the video begins and reveal that BotW is Konrad’s favorite game. In the video, they talk about the things they like from the game along with the things they feel could have been done better. The game won numerous “Game of the Year” awards in 2017 for good reason.

They feel like the Great Plateau is a great training area when you are first playing the game. Being able to climb and using the Paraglider are great ways to explore the entire map without using glitches. Of course, there are glitches gamers have used to get higher or into areas we are not normally able to reach. Make sure to catch the video below or watch it here on YouTube. Enjoy!