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A Nostalgic Discussion After the 20th Anniversary of Ocarina of Time

By Krissia Arteaga
December 4, 2018

So, Ocarina of Time had its 20th birthday this past November 21st! (Is it weird I look at it like a family member and used “birthday” instead of “anniversary”? No? Cool). And I am sure most of the fandom celebrated it somehow. Personally, I wore my favorite Zelda shirt to work and played the original soundtrack on my phone and as well played a little bit of Twilight Princess (because, it’s the immediate follow-up after Majora’s Mask… JK it’s just the game I’m on right now).

That’s just my way, but the guys at GameXplain made a discussion over a lot of scenarios of the game, taking us on a nostalgic ride. They discussed how this game started a whole new era for both the franchise and the gaming industry, if the difficulty was proper, and their personal experiences when they first bought and played the game. Bottom line, it’s definitely what all of us as a fandom must do every year the “Zelda Month” comes on.

You can check out the video here on YouTube or down below. It made me feel like we all should gather with our local Zelda fans in someone’s house for hours to play the game, listen to the soundtrack, or try anything special on behalf of the goddess. Enjoy and I hope you had a very happy Zelda Month!