A New Ending Comes out for Twilight Princess!

By Hick
February 19, 2018

We cover many YouTube videos here at TGPZ. Every once in a while a video comes out that absolutely blows my mind and I tell everyone it is a must watch. This 2 part video series is one of those. This video actually gave me chills and I didn’t want it to be over. It presents a different ending to Twilight Princess titled Twilight’s Shadow and comes from YouTuber MajorLink. It is significantly different from the original ending we got in Twilight Princess and had many surprises that I did not see coming. I have to admit, I think this is actually better than the ending we all got in Twilight Princess. The music comes from Brock Hewitt. You can check him out on Bandcamp and SoundCloud. I don’t want to give anything away in terms of spoilers, so just go ahead and check out the videos below. You will enjoy them!