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A Link Between Worlds Going on Sale for $19.99, Possibly Coming to Switch?

By Red
January 18, 2018

Nintendo’s recent Direct Mini event did little to slow down the rumor mill surrounding the Legend of Zelda series. Recently, it was reported by numerous sites that Nintendo was reaching out to sites for permission to re-quote reviews for A Link Between Worlds, the massively successful 2013 3DS game. Many sites speculated that this could mean ALBW is getting ported to the Switch. However, we now know that A Link Between Worlds (along with Super Mario 3D Land and Ultimate NES Remix) are joining the Nintendo Selects collection. It will be available on the 3DS for only $19.99 starting February 5th.

While this doesn’t totally kill the idea of A Link Between Worlds being ported to the Switch, it does seem to have slowed the momentum of that rumor. ALBW on the 3DS for $19.99 is an amazing deal if you haven’t experienced the game yet. As great as this news is though, I personally am still holding out hope that the game will eventually make its way to the Switch.