A Legendary Hero Needs Legendary Weapons

By aJNation71
August 23, 2018

What do you associate with most when it comes to the Legend of Zelda series? The heroes? The villains? The dungeons? Or the equipment? The latter is the focus of WatchMojo.com‘s latest video, as they list the top ten items in the series (queue chest opening music).

Spoilers! It includes a certain sword, an ancient shield, a particular bow and some powerful arrows!

WatchMojo.com is one of the highest subscribed channels on YouTube. They specialize in compiling top ten lists and have produced a few notable Zelda centric videos. This one and others are worth checking out.

So guys, what is your most noteworthy Zelda item? I personally like the Beetle from Skyward Sword and the design of the Mirror Shield from Ocarina of Time. Especially when it reacts to the attacks of Twinrova.

Sound off in the comments below with your top items.

I’ve been aJ for TGPZ, take care and keep gaming.

You can check out the video below or click here to watch it on YouTube. Enjoy!