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A Dark Secret About Hearts

By Javier Martinez
April 17, 2018

YouTuber Lockstin & Gnoggin startles us with a new video where he takes on a random but intriguing question we usually ignore when playing Zelda: what does Link do with hearts and Heart Containers? His explanation, full of arguments founded in historical facts and folklore, shakes up viewers with an unsettling assumption: Link devours real hearts in order to increase his life and health. He argues that hearts may be dropped by weak or basic enemies, whereas Heart Containers (which he explains resemble a hearty kind of powerful juice) are the prize Link receives from tougher foes. This hypothesis, he says, resembles a real-life practice called “cannibalism empowerment”, carried out by Native Americans (who considered it sinful, though), and by Aztecs and Caribbean tribes, guided by the idea that eating a person’s flesh would fill them with his or her strengths. Could Link feed on his enemies’ hearts and Heart Containers to gain their power?

You can check out the video below or click here to view it on Youtube. ENJOY!